“Who is Tom?”

Is what many of our clients tend to ask when booking with us. It’s a bit of a long story, and in fact, he isn’t really a person at all. (“TOM” actually comes from our parent company, Tom Tours, and is an acronym they used to come up with their name in the early 1980s)

Despite of the origin story, “TOM” is more than just an acronym. It’s a way of life.

Tom is our ideal traveler: flexible, curious, at ease abroad. Of course, few can live up to that standard all the time.

Like anyone, travelers are sometimes polite and engaged, sometimes curt and bored. But when a traveler approaches the world as a guest and a student –– meeting other people, eating strange food, grasping a different culture –– he or she becomes Tom. More than anything, Tom is respectful, open, and honest.

Tom respects that life is different beyond his doorstep. He understands that being
offended or unnerved by strangeness misses the point of traveling entirely.
Though Tom may disagree with what he encounters, he values the solidarity
between travelers and the communities they visit. He considers himself a
neighbor, temporarily in someone else’s home.

From the smallest village to the teeming capital, from the local dishes to the monuments
of great taste, Tom is open to the full breadth of other cultures, whether they’re in
the guidebook or not. While he wouldn’t automatically reject what guidebooks
recommend, Tom knows that improvisation is more exhilarating than just seeing
what he’s told to see. He risks being a stranger.

Finally, Tom witnesses the world as it is, not as he wishes it to be. For Tom, neither
luxurious accommodations nor roughing it are good measures of time well spent.
Fascinated with authenticity, Tom avoids spoon-fed experiences. He plunges into
new cultures, learning more in a week abroad than in a year at home.

At Tomflies.com, we serve thoughtful, energetic travelers who resist gloomy hypotheticals
(“What if something happens to me!”) and meet the adventure head-on. Whatever
traveler you are –– businessman or adventurer, retiree or college kid –– Tom is
you. So, heed your wanderlust, and fly with Tom today!