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At, we believe that every time one immerses themself into another culture and steps into someone else’s shoes, he or she becomes a wiser person. When you engage yourself in new adventures and experiences, they will leave a positive impact on you: personally, socially, and culturally. We have found that the best discoveries are off the beaten path. wants to help you find these experiences. We will encourage you to go beyond the comfort of your hotel premise, and help you create an expedition of cultural interaction. We strongly believe that engaging in the culture you are visiting is key. We will provide you with the opportunity to surround yourself with exotic wildlife and natural wonders, all while sinking yourself into the local traditions.

We want you to see the wonders of the world that you read about in books, all while staying within your budget. At, we maintain the fact that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to have rewarding travel experiences.

One of our main goals is to create a buzz of the locations we choose to endorse on our site. When you plan your travel with, you will walk away with an experience that you will cherish for a lifetime; hopefully with more to come.